Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 more wins, and the Redskins limp into the playoffs. But it all depends on Todd Collins, who, after a decade of inactivity, is going have to do better than 8 out of 25 if he wants to get the job done. Here's hoping.

The 'Skins travel to Minnesota on Sunday to meet the surging Vikings, and then head home to close out with a rivalry game against Dallas. The key game is actually Minnesota. Washington should have a good chance vs. Dallas at home, if Dallas rests its starters. But it will only do that if it has locked up home field advantage throughout the playoffs, which will only be possible of they have a better record than the Green Bay Packers going into the game (that way, even if they lose and Green Bay wins their simultaneous games, Dallas will still get the nod for the #1 seed because Dallas holds the tie-breaker). Man I hate Dallas.

Anyway, Washington should be able to win at Minnesota with a not-abysmal perfomrance out of Collins, a lack of mistakes/stupid plays on anyone (Landry, I'm looking at you - no taunting), a 100+ yard game from running back Clinton Portis, and a strong defensive showing from the front four to stop rookie sensation running back Adrian Peterson. So somewhere between a long-shot and a miracle.

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