Sunday, December 16, 2007

Things just can't seem to go right for the Washington Redskins this year. The running game is, well, not running. The QB situation, precarious before, is now in serious trouble with "veteran" Todd Collins starting his first game in a decade. The stars - the highest payed players around in Moss, Portis, Randell-El, etc. aren't performing. The coaching is beyond abysmal and displays not only a complete ignorance of strategy but also a lack of the basic rules of the game. The star free-safety was murdered (although the media are implying its his own fault somehow). Every week, the team finds a new way to lose on - and off - the field.

And yet, with a victory tonight over the New York Giants, next week over Minnesota, and in two weeks at home against the Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins will limp into the playoffs. It's the same kind of miracle that got the team to the second round in 2005.

Beating the Giants, however, is going to battle. The windy meadowlands is one of the hardest places for NFL visiting team to win, and the Redskins have been especially terrible there in the last few years (the last victory was in '04).

It's all kind of sad because the truth is the Redskins are not really a 6-10 team this year - they're more like a 9-7 or even a 10-6 team. In support,
-Six of Washington's seven losses game to teams that are still realistically in the playoff hunt. The exception is the home loss to Philadelphia, who Washington beat earlier on the road.
-Moreover, a lot of those losses have been to really solid teams: The New York Giants (9-4), the Dallas Cowboys (12-1), the Green Bay Packers (12-1), and the peerless New England Patriots (13-0). And the former two of three of those games came down to the wire and could have easily gone the other way.
-With the exception of the Patriots game, every loss has been within one score or less.
-The defense has been incredible, and, even without Shawn Taylor remains one of the very best in the business.
-The offense would be better if it not for i) poor coaching ii) turnovers

Of course the last one isn't really a justification because those are the things that make a team good. Still, if the 'Skins can run the table and make it to the post season, they'd be a force to be reckoned with.



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