Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back to the grind . . .

Three days into law school and it feels like I've been here over a month.  My comrades-in-arms (and the people I was technically in competition with - man I hate the format of law school) I had all but forgotten over break, but a mere 72 hours of exposure and it's like I know everything about them all over again, or that's what it feels like anyway.  (OK, the following isn't really for people I goto school with... just a sort of rambling)

Anyway, what have a resolved to do this semester? Study a little less.  Last semester I subordinated just about everything to doing well on my exams.  With the exception of working out all the time (which was more to help me maintain my sanity than anything else), it was just study study study.  And I feel I might have missed out on some things.  I went to the PILA auction but didn't drink much and left early.  I deliberately skipped Foxfields and the only time I really cut-loose was Dandelions.  I made some new friends, but none outside of school.  Most of my free time got spent doing things that were school related - writing unabashedly left-wing VLW columns, applying to jobs, and planning for the Public Service Conference.  And most of all, I stopped or severely cut back the things I love: playing computer games, practicing martial arts (save some very practical applications), playing guitar, reading novels and so forth . . . all to memorize the inns and outs of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a lot of which I think I have maybe by this point forgotten...

(Sidenote:  How, exactly, does one go about meeting these UVA undergrads?  And, if the answer is "goto the undergraduate library and sit by one until it's so awkward that she talks to you", pwned, because I've already done that.

In any event, I studied a lot - and I'm not sure whether it's made a difference.  One of the lamentable things about law school - already discussed on this blog and many, many others ad nasueum, is that your entire semester of blood, sweat, and tears is reduced down to four exams, and then reduced even further to four letters and post-position symbols:  your grades.  

I already got my CivPro grade back (I will not discuss grades on this blog, I think it's bad form on the very off chance that there are people from my section or UVA law in general reading) and word on the street is Torts and Crim Law are coming tomorrow (Note: Apparently at UVA the course evals going up - as they just did for the latter two classes - mean grades are imminent).  But even if I get As and both (and I won't be), I would be sort of wondering if it was worth it.   As for me, I'm sort of dreading finding out.  I'd be happier wallowing in my ignorance (it possible I did well, so let's just run with that and not worry about it until the facts say otherwise) than knowing the truth.  I'm probably the minority in that respect. . . .

Monday, January 21, 2008

First day of a new semester of LS today, and it's been a long one.  Property seems interesting enough, I suppose, but my Wednesday is just awful . 8.30 -500 PM with only hashed out breaks.  And UVA still hasn't given us our grades.  Other things:

1) VA residents who want to vote in the primary should request their absentee ballot ASAP.  Unless you were considering voting for McCain; in that case, you can safely disregard this message.

2) I'm not optimistic about the Super Bowl:  The Vegas spread is New England -12.5 (too be fair, that's a good line to bet against...somebody must be, because it's down from 14), but still... lets consider:
New York Giants: Have outscored their opponents by 22 points
New England Patriots: Have outscore their opponents by 20 points per game.