Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cornell Basketball is Better than UVA Basketball

Well, UVA would probably crush them if they met in a head-to-he
ad match (or would they?  UVA has fallen to such powerhouses as Xavier College), but man if Cornell isn't lighting things up in the Ivy League. 11-5 and 3-0 start versus the Ivy League.  A win tonight over Yale will bring the record to 4-0.  If things keep going this way, Cornell is certain to win the Ivy League's NCAA tournament bid, whereas UVA looks to be pushed out of contention due its abysmal ACC performance.   I won't bother blogging to much on this subject because someone else is already doing a great job (and thanks for the image).

On a related note, I want to go see Cornell play Penn in Philadelphia over our spring break.  Anybody with me?  

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