Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You Come in Burned . . .

Sorry this live version is the best I could find . . . i think it rocks, but if you don't like the Dandy Warhols you may disagree. It is a little bit grainy.

That pretty much sums it up right now. I wake up, and I'm already burned out. Interviewing with Big Firm LLP is not nearly as exciting it sounds, especially when I have to dress up every morning, which I hate. At this point I'm thinking I should have just stopped after PI interview week, because the PD job is what I want to do. Dressing up also basically means I can't go to the gym every morning, like I usually do, because I'm used to just throwing on jeans and a t-shirt afterwards. I've been running afterwards (can never goto the gym in the afternoon; it's too damn crowded), which helps, but I really have an urge to get under some weights again...

And then there are the other stressors. Appellate briefs. Other job applications. Car breaking down, and not having a jack because the previous owner decided it would be funny to take the part that loosens the spare and throw it away. VLW articles. Outlines. Missed notes. Ridiculous reading assignments. Friends who are upset with me. Enemies who are even more upset with me.

My original plan was to suck it up for this week and hit the journal tryouts this weekend with a full head of steam while getting my reading done for Monday before hand. There is no way this is happening. Even a liberal estimate of how much I can reasonably get done is gonna leave me way behind.

Less than two weeks until Spring Break though. Hopefully the second half of this semester will be less chaotic. Most of the tough work will be behind me, and with a semester of finals under my belt already I know exactly how to hit them this time, so things should chill out a bit and I can enjoy my true passions of drinking, working out, and watching movies.

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