Sunday, March 30, 2008

3月30日- 隨即的事情

* To lead off - the New Deal Turns 75. We love the New Deal because it was the masterwork of our favorite President, FDR. This is a bad lead off, because it's nerdy and boring, but anyway, our favorite historian, Howard Zinn, has a good take on what the New Deal means for us today. [Summary: We need a "new" New Deal].

* Spreading rumors about people is fun. Spreading untrue rumors is more fun. Spreading untrue rumors about us and exaggerating them might be the most fun of all. We've noticed a dearth of facts in these rumors, so we're recommending that you all resort to conjecture and hearsay to get the job done. Those are, after all, kinds of evidence....Godspeed.

* We're totally obsessed with the show on ABC Family, Greek.[Link takes you a site where you can watch all the episodes online for free]. It's not just because we were in a the fraternity in college; and it's not just because the show is filling a void, with not new episodes from Gossip Girl or Lost or the Office in the near future and the premier of the best show on TV [Battlestar Galactica] a few days away. It's because the show and its card-board cut-outs of characters reminds us of Tom Wolfe's unintentionally hilarious conception of college/greek life I am Charlotte Simmons. It's like a show where a bunch of network executives got together for five minutes with a few stereotypes and (maybe personal) anecdotes about fraternities/sororities in college, and, were like, hey, we can make a show from this. And in that way, we find it very endearing. If it doesn't remind us of our college experience directly, it reminds us of how network executives and (possibly picket-line breaking) writers would have characterized said experience. And that has to count for something.

Also, isn't it obvious? The Kappa Taus are really just . . . just add some more letters...Anyway, Casey (Spencer Grammer, supra) reminds us of most the sorority girls we knew.

* We need to learn the law, or something. Last time we had the FRCP down pat, but now it's a real struggle to make sense of the material. Property? We don't even believe in the modern conceptions of property, and we think property law protects established wealth at the , so, essentially the entire concept is an afront. (Edit, yes that's a simplication, enough...) But that's a position that would be more tenable if we knew something about it. (Edit, yes we know something about it, just not enough).

* There's nothing to do on Sunday without football. Lame. We need to either find some friends or get really, really into baseball. Both options seem painful.

* Our favorite UVA Law blogger, FFJ, may owe the better part of his blogging career to us. He spoofs our (in?)famous "Understanding Justification" incident. We think the original was better, but whatever. Also, he's a hero.

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puja said...

quote from lenin: "i'll sell the capitalists the rope to hang themselves with."

thought you might enjoy.