Friday, March 21, 2008

PILA, Redux

The Virginia Law Weekly has a great spread on the PILA situation:

PILA Grants 2008: Providing Context (everything you need to know - or at least, is available to know - about the situation).

A Letter to the Editor about PILA (regarding, mostly, the alleged boycott of Pong for PILA)

Reliance -  reasonable or not?:

[T]here’s a reliance and notice issue. I talked to multiple first-years in varying situations and virtually all of them placed some degree of reliance in obtaining a PILA grant in planning their summer. One student claims her PILA section representative repeatedly told her that there should be no problem receiving a grant. Another told me that, in accepting his unpaid summer internship over winter break, he did so on the information and belief that most, if not at all, qualified applicants would be given a grant. (He didn’t get one, though, and now is an extremely uncomfortable financial position.) A third student echoed these thoughts and told me that a “big deal” was made of the Law School’s summer grants for public interest work to her at Admitted Students Weekend last year, which led to her not only focusing on public interest employment during her job search, but also choosing to attend UVA over other law schools . . .(Read on)

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