Thursday, March 13, 2008

Recession = More Lawyers?

ATL has been doing a lot of pieces on "layoffs at XYZ"; and now it has a post asking whether or not 2Ls might be "screwed" because their law firms won't given them an offer after working there over the summer.  TJDP picked this up and we agree with their assessment: "Sucks"

The weird thing about all of this is that the slowing economy - I mean, the recession (I'll say it) is going to result in a lot more people going to law school.  If the job market is bad, graduate school seems to be the default option.  And if you have no applicable skill to sharpen into a Ph.D. and no experience to get an MBA, well then you can always study the law.  Especially for those kids (like me) who applied to LS in the fall of their senior year while they were also looking for jobs, law school might be more and more attractive.  At least in theory.  I saw on the news, though, that the job market for college graduates is still good.  Give it time?  I hear some of those NYC i-banking firms have openings in their mortgage-backed securities division...

One might argue that this is a bad thing, because the legal market is over-saturated as it is, which could lead for more intense competition amongst students for the top jobs.  But not here, right?  Besides, we like to think back to the words of the greatest barrister of our time, Lionel Hutz:  "If there's one thing this country needs, it's more lawyers."

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not just law school - all professional schools.