Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why We Love HLS

Concerned by the low numbers of law students choosing careers in public service, Harvard Law School plans to waive tuition for third-year students who pledge to spend five years working either for nonprofit organizations or the government.

The program, to be announced Tuesday, would save students more than $40,000 in tuition and follows by scant months the announcement of a sharp increase in financial aid to Harvard’s undergraduates. The law school, which already has a loan forgiveness program for students choosing public service, said it knew of no other law school offering such a tuition incentive.
[New York Times]

We think UVA should give this a shot too. Yea, Harvard has more money. But you can always raise prices at the cafeteria. Only when we have $12 sandwiches and $5 slices of Pizza with $2.50 soft-drinks will the school really be prestigious.

(Yes, we're kidding.)

But we think, actually, that tuition should be reduced for people who decide to work in public sevirce and need the money. UVA (and many other schools) already have a Loan Repayment Assistance Program. But that results in profits to the loan companies. Why not just cut out the middle-man (the loan companies again) and make it so the students who do public interest work pay less in tuition, rather than paying students to pay back the loan companies / fed. government at high interest rates? Just a thought.

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