Monday, March 24, 2008

You Don't Need a Weatherman to Tell You Which Way the Wind Blows

And, by logical extension, we don't need a jury trial to decide this issue.

And that's how we ended our appellate argument - an attempt to make up for a dearth of legal reasoning by citing the greatest folk singer ever. Unfortunately, this is (will be) my day job.

Edit, THIS is what I was talking about:

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(^___^) said...

omgwtf i am doing the write-on right now and it sucks ass. it's like the third day i've had ZERO human contact, except the eye contact of solidarity i share with other ppul in the same FAILBOAT as me here at the library. i guess i brought this upon myself but at this point, i have no idea what this finished product will be. perhaps some sort of article thing or perhaps some sort of buttered roll. what a mystery.