Sunday, April 13, 2008

4月13日 隨即的事情 -

* Exams approach. This time last semester we were in a state of emergency. Then we realized that law school grading is totally arbitrary and what matters more is lawyerly writing skills then actually knowledge of the law, because, after four months, everyone knows the law. Just know it hard and then write your piece. So now the attitude vacillates between a total freaking out (cause I still need to learn the law) and a very bemused detachment from the whole thing (been there, done that). Doubtless, the former will prevail as the days get closer. The usual complaints about the insidious format of law school evaluations reign supreme. But nothing can be as bad as last time in terms of the stressful lead-up, so we're thankful, at least, that the experience of doing it once will have made the subsequent five times that much easier. Right?

* Battlestar, S. 4 Ep. 2 ("Six of One"): Sort of disappointing. The Cylon rebellion story line was very good - but as for what's going on Battlestar - who cars? Lee Adama retires, but does anyone really doubt he'll be back in the cockpit of a Viper before too long. And too much Starbuck. Obviously Rosslyn/Admiral Adama are going to start listening to her and turn around. The coolest part was when the centurians attacked. I mean, sick.

* 跟英語的部份一樣,寡人將來把“我”寫成“寡人”。 一樣的看法,對呢? OK, probably not. 寡人不會在很長得時件這樣寫。 開玩笑。。

* To answer a reader question: "What is with publishing three quarters in English and one quarter in Chinese?" A: If you read Chinese you'd know the answer. And if you don't, you can either infer it (easy) or use one of those nifty translating website dealies (also pretty easy). The American judiciary draws sweeping procedural distinctions based on subject matter jurisdiction, and so do we. (And yes that last link was douchey. But it was meant in the ironical sense only).

* These are boring. Expect to get worse as exams get closer. Then expect things to turn maudlin, but entertainingly so, during the Summer. Then reflective and boring during the early fall. Then just plain boring as exams and end of the semester stress approaches again. 週而復始(對,很喜歡這個說法。 。 。)

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