Friday, April 18, 2008

4月18日隨即的事情: You! Me! Dancing! (et al.)

* Yay for the new peer advisers. [List in Virginia Law Weekly]. We applied to be a peer adviser, but they decided we'd make everyone feel too comfortable and not impress on them the gritty realities of LS [kidding]. It's a cool program in which older students have fun with first years and explain to them that they shouldn't worry about grades. Other things too, I guess.

* FFJ wants everyone to talk about abortion. Covered it for five minutes in Con-Law. When the Prof was talking about it, we were reminded of Ralph Nader in the 2000 eleciton: "Overturning Roe v. Wade won't end it, it will just send it back to the states." About that . . .

* Legal writing is done forever. One more week left for all our other classes. Speaking of legal writing, here's the best advice ever: "Try to find the best way of explaining . . . the case and statutes . . . so that you are both clear and accurate. It easy to be clear and simple if you sacrifice accuracy, or accurate if you sacrifice clarity and simplicity. A trial lawyers success depends on his or ability to clear, simple, and accurate at the same time." (David Boies, Courting Justice, p. 389) Well, we can be clear and simple - does that help?

* You! Me! Dancing! (Los Campesinos):

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