Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Beijing Olymics and Tibet

Our take, here. [Virgina Law Weekly]


mindy said...

"Similarly, just as the Chinese have been systematically driving the Tibetans out of Tibet and repopulating the region with the Han minority, in seeming violation of the Geneva Convention, "

How do you know that? Do you have any reliable basis for saying that? If so, aren't you supposed to give some credit to the source? Do you know the percentage of population in Tibet? Or are you just voluntarily brainwashed by western media? It's sad to see a law student to accept a conclusion without giving out any logical analysis or any citation. [BLUEBOOKing]

Also, you didn't use “周而复始”in a correct way. It seems to me pretty weird under this context.

Rule 12 (f) said...

因為我不要跟我談話, 所以我不要回答你的問題。 你應當知道我的意思。

Anonymous said...

What are you kidding? Noone can seriously deny that the PRC has created a huge refugee problem and is encouraging repopulation by Han Chinese. No need to cite something that is common knowledge

mindy said...

that's "your" common knowledge.
I think arrogance is a better word, if not ignornace.

to andy:
whether you want to answer it or not, it's your choice or your problem.

I just want to say. Your opinion won't make any sense to vast majority of Chinese, only catering to the taste of westerners.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,


mindy said...

Give me a break, anonmyous dude. I'd assume you are not a kid.

What's the legitimate of that website? What makes you so trust the information without a reasonable doubt? That's your bible that infused you with "common knowledge"? Good to know.

Anyway, it's not fair to use Andy's place to continue this debate anymore.

I don't know who you are since you are anonymous. But I appreciated that through this dialogue, I got a sense about how westerners' bias about China is formed...