Monday, April 21, 2008

He Must Have Cheated

Overheard in Slaughter, near the moot court awards:

Proud Student: "And look who won in 1959 . . ."
Parent: "Oh my . . . he must have cheated!"

Ed Note: Teddy Kennedy is one of our favorite Senators. Duh.
Also, we should note that Kennedy DID get caught cheating when he was at Harvard, but was allowed to come back and graduate from there. If he pulled that at the University and got caught, he'd be gone for good.


puja said...

lame - uva has a good policy. found cheaters should be expelled, hands down.

Rule 12 (f) said...

I think Teddy may have technically been expelled, but he pulled strings to get readmitted? Shit would not fly at teh UVA

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he'll visit us at the law school as he enters a difficult phase in his life. Interesting to note that he won the MC with John Tunney who also went on to become a Senator from CA!