Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Speaking of Honor Code Violations

Did anybody see this on the TJDP? Basically (if true) some kid's Property textbook was stolen and then inadvertently sold back to him or her on Half.com, which the writer notes is a per se violation of the honor code.

In college, there was always a rumor of people stealing a books during finals week and then selling them back to a book store (which also seems to be a per se violation of the honor code, which is any non-trivial lying, cheating, or stealing). Anyway, we're really surprised that it would happen it here; especially if the thief (who it would seem could reasonably be uncovered) turns out to be a UVA Law Student.

So much for being comfortable leaving our belongings (not just property books, but laptop computers!) unattended . . .

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Nessa said...

People should read this.