Friday, April 25, 2008

Who Don't You Want on the Jury?

We found this gem from Clarrence Darrow trying to study for Criminal Procedure. Darrow tells us all who you don't want on the jury.
You would be guilty of malpractice if you got rid of an Irishman . . . An Englishman is not so good as an Irishman, but still, he has come through a long tradition of individual rights, and is not afraid to stand alone . . . Baptists are more hopeless than the Presbyterians. THe Methodists are worth considering; they are nearer the soil [sic]. Beware of the Lutherans, especially the Scandinavians; they are always sure to convict. As to Unitarians, Universalists, Congregationalists Jews, and other agnostics [ed. note, we like how these groups are "agnostics" . . .], don't ask them too many questions, keep them anyhow, especially Jews and agnostics. Never take a wealthy man on the Jury.

Clarence Darrow, Attorney for the Defense, Esquire Magazine, May 1936, p. 36-37 quoted in Richard G. Singer, Criminal Procedure II: From Bail to Jail 176.

For the record we're Jewish and we ALWAYS vote to acquit. We're also insolvent . . .

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