Saturday, May 17, 2008

5月17日 隨即的事情 - Munich, 1938, Revisited.

* This has already been talked about a lot in the past few days, but in case you missed it, NBCs Hardball's Chris Matthews gives UTTER PWNAGE to Kevin James, a right-wing radio host. This is why you need to pay attention in high school, kids. If you don't, you might be stuck learning about European history from President Bush, which is, needless to say, a bad idea.

Basically what happened is Bush made this comment in the Israel Knessett about appeasement and Neville Chamberlain (almost certainly about Obama - though not explicitly - being an "appeaser" like Neville Chamberlain, because Obama favors opening up dialogs with nations like North Korean and Iran). Of course, this is a catachresis: the reason that Neville Chamberlain is despised is not because he talked with the Nazis, but because he ultimately offered no resistence, at the 1938 Munich Conference, to the Nazi Anschluss of Czechoslavakia.

James didn't seem to know this, and gets pounded for five minutes and fails to answer the question: "What did Neville Chamberlain do exactly that made him an appeaser?" The closest that James comes is mentioning "His policies . . . of appeasement . . .energized and legitimized . . . appeasement".

Goto the 2:00 mark for the pwnage. See also, James' wiki entry, which recounts the PWNAGE. The sad thing is, I think a lot of Americans don't much better than James does. One more reason to elect someone with brains as POTUS. Cause, you know, trickle-down effect.


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to be fair though, i dont think i learned about munich in high school. or, i dont remember, all i know is that i def. learned it in college.

i haven't watched cable news in years, and i had no idea who kevn james was. i thought of the king of queens actor lol.

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oh, he's a radio dude. no wonder...