Sunday, May 04, 2008

Notes From the Underground

We went to the undergraduate library to study today. Here are our observations:

* There is absolutely no quiet spot in Alderman to study. Yes, we went to the stacks and to all the out of the way reading rooms. Not quiet.

* Undergrads have amusing perceptions about Law School. Overheard outside Alderman: "If I goto any law school and graduate after three years I am basically guaranteed $100k+/year."

* The iTunes selection varies. But, of the 7 publicly available libraries when I was sitting in Alderman
-Six had at least album of Dave Matthews Band; five had multiple albums
-None had either Boston's "More Than a Feeling" or the Clash's "London Calling" (song OR album). WTF, guys?
-None had clever names. One was named after a spell from Harry Potter, but that's not clever. (We're "Breaking Bones and Breaking Hearts"; i.e, that's our library name and modus operandi, FYI).

* Finally, another overheard - outside Alderman Library:
Frat dude: "Yea me and Brittany and Alexis (or someone) went to study at the nice group study room at the law library and someone came and asked us, 'hey, are you guys law students?' and we were all like, 'yea, we're law students'
Sorority girl: Haha that is sooo funny.


FFJ said...

1. Plagarist.
2. Dude's asking the chicks if they were law students should've followed up with a question regarding the rule against perpetuities or some other asinine rule from property to call them out. Pussy.

Rule 12 (f) said...

1. No. Your prospects in Property do not seem good

2. It's a stttate school. They don't know junk about teh R A P.

(^___^) said...

RAP sucks but not as much as SOF.

puja said...

that frat boys comment was as lame as as the last episode of gossip girl.

Rule 12 (f) said...

Wha? Last episode (last night) was SICK. And it had an Eliot Spitzer joke.

My class didn't actually talk about the R A P or the S O F (though we knew about the latter from Ks)