Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Retrospective / Officially a 2-L

We’ve been out of town, which means less access to the internet, which in turn means less time to waste time posting our thoughts. Legal reasoning at its best.

So 1L year has come and gone, and this blog has hit a major milestone. It started out – obviously – a travel log of the author during his trip to Taipei. Two months of that came and went, and the blog evolved into the travails of our senior year, a large part of which consisted of “figuring out what to do with life” – musings that ultimately convalesced, for better or worse, in a “plan” to go law school.

Then came that magical summer between college and law school, the only drawback of which was that it was far too short. I spent my time reading, drinking, and working out (usually in that order, although the process was cyclical).

Finally, law school. Most of this blog’s 305 posts came during that period, and at one point I was clocking in a post a day. It’s true, in some sense, that the first wave of law school bloggers, said a lot of the things worth saying (see, e.g., Sua Sponte). But, every so often there’s something new or significant to be said, too. And, for us personally, blogging was a good way to vent synthesize the experience and, at times, vent frustrations (PSA: law school will provide many of those). The year saw the stress of exams, frustration with the socratic method, taking down an intruder and ultimately landing him in jail, glory and defeat on the basketball court, romantic excitements and disappointments, fighting the good fight, controversial articles, high elements of culture (Battlestar . . . Gossip Girl), arguing with an associate Supreme Court justice about one of the worst decisions in the history of American jurisprudence, physical triumphs, mental anguishes, and all the time, study, study, study, study, study. (All of those are in there somewhere, and I might get around to linking them, but I not right this second).

Since I know there are a few 0Ls reading this, I would strongly encourage blogging some of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, whatever (or if not blogging, at least writing them down somehow). I’ve tried to keep this blog somewhat entertaining, somewhat interesting, somewhat pertinent, and somewhat un-obnoxious (even with the use of the editorial we). It’s not the preeminent UVA LS blog, and, G-d-willing, it never will be. We’re just hoping whenever you're in that class where the prof. talks the slowest AiT provides a few welcome seconds of diversion couched somewhere in between obsessive Isis refreshing, playing text-twist, checking gmail, and scoping out ATL. For the next two years – that’s the goal.

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puja said...

the editorial we is one of the best things about your blog.