Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The NYT on Illegal Immigrants: Current Situation is Kinda Messed Up

The NYT issued a scathing editorial today, directed primarily at United States lawmakers, who are in a rush to place huge restrictions on all aspects of life of illegal immigrants: 

Someday, the country will recognize the true cost of its war on illegal immigration. We don’t mean dollars, though those are being squandered by the billions. The true cost is to the national identity: the sense of who we are and what we value. It will hit us once the enforcement fever breaks, when we look at what has been done and no longer recognize the country that did it.

A nation of immigrants is holding another nation of immigrants in bondage, exploiting its labor while ignoring its suffering, condemning its lawlessness while sealing off a path to living lawfully. The evidence is all around that something pragmatic and welcoming at the American core has been eclipsed, or is slipping away.

It's worth a read.  The articles goes on to talk about the "indiscriminate terror among millions of people" that the recent anti-immigrant campaign has engendered.   It notes that what is happening now - singling out new immigrant groups for unjust treatment, is just history repeating itself.  It also declares that history will judge the current anti-immigration fever and the policies associated with it as accomplishing little but increasing human misery and wasting time and money while sending the country further down a path of xenophobic ignorance.  

We agree. 

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