Friday, June 20, 2008

Stuff White People Like Contest

Stuffwhitepeoplelike is having a contest - you write your own entry, and if it is the best, you get a free copy of the book.

Well we had to do this, since we love deconstruction, that's what we wrote about.  Entry below:


Deconstruction is a way that a white person can enjoy the baser elements of pop-culture on the one hand, while putting to use their English or philosophy of degree on the other. It provides a way for a white person to enjoy crass television programs and popular music

In truth, no one – least of all white people – understands what Derrida meant by deconstruction, but don’t try telling that to a white person! He or she will give you a mouthful about the relationship between signs and signifieds and the importance of context and society and so forth. 

Deconstruction allows white people to watch, enjoy, and talk about shows like MTV’s Pimp My Ride or a Shot of Love with Tia Tequila. A white person will say something like “If you really look closely at the signification process, you can see that Tia Tequila is a symbol of the upheaval of gender rolls in post-modern America.” Or, a white person might tell you after watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl that “my understanding of bourgeois fashion and behavioral norms was constantly being subverted throughout the show. It’s clear that last night’s episode was really a satirical commentary meant undermine America’s cultural assumptions on how the media are portraying our own cultural elite.”

It’s important to note that normally such things would be below white people. One of the reason they don’t like owning TVs or having cable is that they like to pretend that such programs are drivel, preferring to netflix DVDs of “realistic” shows like The Wire. But when entertainment can be analyzed – and deconstructed – the possibilities are endless. 

If a show like this comes up in a conversation, a white person will probably try to analyze the subject and elucidate any implications for society as a whole. It’s best to let a white person do this uninterrupted, and then, when he or she is finished, say, “Wow, I never thought of it like that, but you’re right. I am going to think about this in a new way from now on!”


puja said...

i dont really know what it is, but im also not white. ;)

Rule 12 (f) said...

We took a class on it in col-col. Good times. . . .