Sunday, June 22, 2008

Watching Alexander / Our Saturday Night

When we were in Taiwan, we were buying up and watching pirated DVDs as fast as we could. Comes with the territory of having no friends. Anyway, we came across the DVD of Oliver Stone's Alexander [NY Times Review] and had to force ourselves to finish it.

Last night, out of sure boredom, it showed up on AMC and we watched it. All of it - going on for more than three hours. Is it really that bad? There are two battle scenes (yea, we know - only two) which are kind of bad-ass, espescially the bit about the Hydapses campaign with elephants - that was cool.

But other than that, it's just kind of . . . boring. I mean, I actually thought it got better as the movie went on (Alexander's trek through the Hindu Kush is sort of neat). There are some pretty serious pacing problems, and the acting, with the exception of Collin Farell (at times, he's uneven) and his gay lover, Hyphastieon (sp?), is pretty poor.

But back to the boring part. We almost majored in history - meaning that, in a sort of way, we actually like that stuff. Credit where due: the film was way more enjoyable the second time for whatever reason. But much alcohol was needed to make the experience an even remotely enjoyable one. Hrmmmmmm.

Also, here's a gem from the Washington Post review:

If you played a word-association game with "Alexander the Great," you'd probably come up with "conqueror," "king," "warrior," "legend," "despot," "wastrel" or "killer." Unfortunately, Oliver Stone has chosen to build his epic of the Macedonian military genius around a word highly unlikely to make the list: "crybaby."


Washington Post

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puja said...

i thought he was greek.

Rule 12 (f) said...

nope, macedonian. What were they teaching you kids at south lakes?