Monday, July 28, 2008


*中文怎麼說“change is good"?  誰知道嗎? 

* We don't know if the hiring partner advice blog is real, but it seems to be. His advice for O[G]I: "no drooling!"

*Anyway, speaking of change, this blog is moving.  That's right, moving.  Where will soon be revealed.  You'll still be able to access (automatic redirect is the plan), but we're not sure about all of the old entries. 

*那 。 。 。這件是讓我生氣啊: 有的人懶得不得了。。 。 他們很喜歡開車開的一兩英里到運動場來騎自行車; 打完之後, 開車回家。  騎自行車運動場arrrggghhh. 非常不合適,並沒有邏輯。加油很貴, 騎自行車又便宜又好玩兒, 也對環境和健康好。。。美國人門 。 。 。

*The DOJ broke the law?  Oh Noes~


RAN said...

打自行车是什么? 骑自行车吗?

Rule 12 (f) said...

yea you're right, qi, not da, i'll fix it =)