Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scalia's New Book

It's well known that I am not the world's number one Scalia fan.  But that said, I was excited when I heard that people who came to his CLE event this weekend in Washington DC would be receiving a "gratis" copy of his new book.   His new book, I imagine, runs something like this: 

Intro: A special note from Nathan Bedford Forest (brought back from the dead for the occasion)
Ch 1: Electioneering
Ch 2: Homophobia
Ch 3: Insulting People who Ask Questions you Don't Feel Like Answering
Ch 4: Lock and Load (co-written with Dick Cheney)
Ch 5: Civil Rights? More Like Civil WRONGS!
Ch 6: Women's Rights? More Like Women's WRONGS!
Ch 7-10: Cooking With Trans-Fat - 20 Years of Favorite Recipies From One First Street, or, How I Learned to Stop Caring About Originalism and Love Eating Food
Ch 11: Actually, You Stupid Liberal, The Orginal Intent of Thomas Jefferson was for America
to be a Theocracy.
Afterwards: You Want an Afterwards? Get Over It!

(Taken shamelessly from the section-list-serv)

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Anonymous said...

his last book was good. i checked it out from the library so as not to give him any money.