Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guys At My High School Use to Get Blown Out By Pac-10 Teams All The Time; It Was No Big Deal

Here's an idea. When you notice your offense is totally ineffectual just keep running the same play over and over again. Shot-gun, one to two backs, short-out. Rinse and repeat - no need to do anything other than this 85% of the time. (not coincidentally, the Cav's lone score came when they actually decided to run the ball on a nifty counter).

Nope - didn't work on try # 23 either!

As for the defense, nobody was expecting much - but not pressuring the quarterback and attempting to take advantage of the Trojans big losses up front for the entire first quarter (in which the Trojans scored 21 points in 11 minutes) probably didn't help.   With Sanchez having literally eons to throw, it's no wonder that the Cavaliers only stopped USC from scoring twice in the first half. 

See, even if you complete those outs, they don't go anywhere . . .

The spread here was 19.5 points.  The Trojans managed to double it. Nobody expected a UVA victory, but with the possible exception of an interception an impressive TD run by Mike Simpson, there was very little positive to take away from this game. Swaths of fans left at half-time, and for good reason - UVA not only didn't score in the second half, but also managed to give up another four touchdowns. 

Yes - you beat an unranked ACC team - kind of like passing LRW - time to P A R T Y!

Finally, has anyone noticed that USC fans - at least the ones who were out at the Corner last night - were almost uniformly classless, rude, loud, drunken, rubes?  A group of them threw a GLASS BOTTLE at our (mostly female) party, and then proceed to jeer at us, wanting to start a physical altercation.  Way to be decent guests, guys - now I see why Sparta sent an armada to slaughter you after you trashed their crib.

What?  Someone from USC getting belligerent?!? 

 Let USC have it's football, UVA will always win the competition of  . . . having a modicum of class. 

Images from (link to game summary).

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Anonymous said...

In a recent post, you made fun of someone's lack of subject-verb agreement. Then you used the word "literally" to mean exactly the opposite of what it means. Glass houses and stones, my friend. Sorry for being a dick, but this needed to be said, or at least seemed like it did in my semi-drunk and angry state. Carry on.

Rule 12 (f) said...

You right.

But maybe we were being ironical? Besides, literally everyone does what you were saying - (kind of like the way people use "decadent") - these days it's more of an against hyperbole although your point is well taken.

No worries about being a dick. We usually deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Reading this exchange made me shed a little tear . . . filled with shame and embarrassment.

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