Saturday, August 16, 2008

OGI Post #5: Firm Receptions

* On the subject of firm receptions for OGI, here's some advice from our favorite 3L contributor.

Receptions are pretty sweet, but you got to play it cool. Don't get hammered, don't dress like a slob, don't be that guy, and don't hit on any actual lawyers, or even classmates. Don't ask "What separates your law firm from every other $160k-per-year sweatshop?", or, at least, not in those terms. Be sure not to ask about layoffs, either - it's those layoffs that are paying for your drink and seafood-filled-thing! Your best bet is to:

1) Grab a drink and a snack.
2) Tell partner/associate how much you like law school and how you love teh law.
3) Ask said partner about the firm. Avoid stuff that's available on the internet and questions about "lifestyle"
4) ???
5) Profit

In all seriousness, receptions are great opporunity to meet with attorneys and get a better sense of what the firm is actually "like", and if you're interested in working at the firm you should make a real effort to go unless it's Shabat or something. Yes, even if you already have/will interview with the firm. Just be on your best behavior because you reppin' UVA, son.

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