Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OGI Post #6: Pre-Screen? More Like Pre-Ding . . .

Anybody get an interview where the the guy (or lady as it were) will just lean forward, put his hands together, and ask "Soooo, what can I tell you about [the firm]?"  You ask a few well-prepared questions - not any of the "so, do you guys, do, uh, litigashun?" - but real questions about the firm - the not-on-the-website-stuff that Polly Lawson loves (see the OGI podcast).  Anyway, you get an answer, and then again, "Soooo what can I can tell you about [the firm]?" and you ask another and the process starts to repeats.  After 10 minutes - 12 at most - you've pretty much asked all your questions and you're waiting for them to ask something about YOU and you want to be like "Sooo - what do you want to know about me?" - but of course you don't SAY that and, hmmm - strange because you think you are a VERY interesting topic of conversation.  So we wonder how those sorts of interviews play if you actually do have really intresting / intelligent / important questions, but they don't have any for you?   . . . Call back?

Come on - we want to talk about *us*.  (also, see how clunky it is to write in first person plural?  Shouda taken LEEWS).

On an unrelated note, the new 1Ls are really nice - they've been holding doors open and even complementing us on our shabby appearance.  Kudos.  Another unrelated note, just because we (and there are actually multiple people running this thing so if you think you know who we are or are not you are probably partially right at best) get to throw stuff up on the blog that we have already said in real life - blogging rules, so stop complaining about that, mmkay?

Finally, good luck on the interviews everyone.  If you are an upper classman DON'T FORGET TO BUY YOUR BOOKS ASAP, as the used ones go fast.

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Anonymous said...

can you please explain the Michael Clayton / OGI shtick?

Rule 12 (f) said...

No, sorry.