Thursday, August 28, 2008

RAVE/RANT: LawReg 2.0

First week's almost over so here's hoping y'all have your schedule for the semester figured out.  I had a bit of a scheduling crisis on Wednesday and had to do some scrambling and put in some quality time with the new version of LawReg.

Ok, the tale's a bit complicated, so stick with me here:

Basically what happened was I walked into my first class on Wednesday and realized it wasn't quite what I had expected.  Coincidentally, it was a class with a no laptop policy, but I swear that didn't contribute to my decision to drop.  Anyway, I decided to drop it, found an open spot in a class I hadn't been able to get into during the lottery, and tried to switch out.  

BUT: apparently that class conflicted with my P.R. section.  
BUT: I realized if I switched sections of P.R., all time conflicts would be resolved.  
BUT: Apparently the makers of LawReg are fans of the American League as the system doesn't provide any way to make a double switch (which, by the way would be a great name for an NL-centric blog).  
SO: I had to add/drop my original class for the other P.R. section and then add/drop my old P.R. section for the class I wanted.  
BUT: The open spot in the class I wanted was reserved for peeps on the waitlist and so I couldn't enroll.  I found myself with spot four on the WL.  
EVEN WORSE: I couldn't switch back to my original schedule b/c all of the spots in my former class were also reserved for peeps on the waitlist.  
RESULT: I was kind of screwed.  I managed to scramble my way into another class with some open spots so I'd have the mandatory 12 credits in case I couldn't get in off the waitlist.

I eventually lucked out though.  After two days on the waitlist enough spots opened up and I got the class I wanted.  So while it was a scary couple of days, LawReg 2.0 came through for me in the end.

So, some quick rants/raves regarding the current version of LawReg:
  • Rant: It's only accessible from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Rave: The waitlist system is a lot better than last year's free-for-all for open spots.
  • Rave: While I'm not sure why it took until this year to include it (the system at teh UG had it way back in freshman year), the add/drop feature is much appreciated.
  • Rant: Since there's no way to make a double switch, there's still the possibility of being blocked out of the classes you started with when you try to switch classes.
  • Rant: The lottery system is way too drawn out and should not take a full month to complete.
  • Rant: Having to sign up for both semesters at the same time makes it difficult to get the class you want and satisfy prerequisites.  
  • Rant: The capacity for certain classes is much lower than the actual number of seats in the classrooms.  Why?  Especially for more popular classes, the school should open classes up to allow as many students to take each class as possible
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