Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Try Being Someone Else, Kid

I'm not trying to be Tom Brady, I'm just trying to be Matt Cassel - Matt Cassel

Dood, you won't get any supermodels that way.  FFJ suggested trying to be Tom Brady, and we agree.  That's pretty much what we do and it works just about every time.  Especially when you're going against Brett-he's-just-a-big-kid-havin'-fun-out-there-Favre, who will most assuredly not try to be Matt Cassel, but rather, Brett Favre, which is better. 

Speaking of Boston, on an unrelated note, here's an overheard from a friend at HLS:

"I heard that [a very large NYC firm] has a work-hard, play-hard mentality.  But I don't wanna play hard, I just wanna work hard and then go home and maybe surf the internet or read a book or something and then goto sleep." 

Yep, looks like FebClub is in the right spot. 

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