Tuesday, September 09, 2008

PSA: Do Not Put "Moot Court" On Your Resume

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Just trust us. 

On a related note, we're wondering if there's anyway all of the important moot court related emails we've been getting could be streamlined and put on one of those . . . blog things? We love sending and receiving mail, no doubt (we used to incessantly email section list-serves . . . about basketball) but, we're thinking when we finally start this (9 PM next Tuesday night), it might be a little much to wade through - maybe those sorts of things could go on the interwebs the way that the Law Review people did it for journal tryouts?  Also, the signature is not long enough. 

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Anonymous said...

Why not put in on your resume?

Rule 12 (f) said...

Because then you are obligated to do it and cannot not do it without sending letters to all your employers explaining how lazy you are.

Anonymous said...

You know what's even more awesome!? Making a big deal about the competition being "anonymous" and then requiring participants to email you copies... using email accounts... WITH YOUR NAME ON THEM.

Anonymous said...

I'm somehow willing to bet that they have a degree of separation between the individuals who will receive the emailed versions and those who will grade the anonymous print copies. It's not important that nobody in charge of the competition knows your name and anonymous number, just that the graders don't.