Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10月15日隨即的事情: 法律上的人去法學院,Virginia Football Not as Bad as Previously Indicated

* David Lat (the Above the Law guy) is coming to the Law School. We think it will be interesting, and that’s not just because we’ve provided Above the Law fodder on a few occasions in the past. Allah-willing, there will be some sort of live-blog coverage. 5 PM, Caplin Pavilion. Be there or be square.

* Proving Suggesting that a recent snap of a string of ignominious losses was not an aberration, the Cavaliers smashed their Carolina based opposition, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Losses to Duke and Connecticut – while still atrocious, to be sure – do not seem to be so bad in light of victories over fairly respectable outfits from Maryland and East Carolina. Al Groh & Co., probably the result of good karma that came from removing the ban on free speech.

In related news, President John Casteen III sent out an email to all Virginia students telling them to brace for cuts across the board totally 7% of the budget, or over $10 million dollars (and students should be prepared for the tuition increases that come with them, trust us!):

We will be depending on the strength and resilience of all our employees to help us through these difficult times. The current situation will require us to make tough decisions, but it also may create a new fiscal discipline and greater strategic thinking. In some cases, we will have to decide what we can and cannot do. It is my sense that this discipline and analysis will make us more efficient in how we work.

Nothing in the email indicates whether or not Al Groh's $3 million salary will be affected by the cuts.

* We just got back from the Bay Area, the weather is beautiful but dry, the people are pretty, the scenery is beautiful, the bums mostly keep to themselves, the “local sports teams are difficult to watch” (the headline from a local paper on Monday, no joke), the 54 electoral votes are going the right way, and, especially in Palo Alto, everything is at least four times as expensive as it should be, except real estate, and then the number jumps to seven or eight. You also drive everywhere; walking is verboten and, from what we have heard, public transport is more of a comic foil or way to liquidate government monies than an actual method of getting around.

Did we mention how beautiful everything is?

* Speaking of prominent lawyer type folks visiting, everyone should check out Vincent Bugliosi, who is coming to Charlottesville on Thursday. Bugiolosi wrote (among other things) a fantastic book on the debacle that was Bush v. Gore, as well as a book about prosecuting President George W. Bush for murder, which will be the subject of his speech. We covered him previously; the book is excellent.

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