Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cavaliers Win War of Attrition in an Ugly, Ugly Game

You know it's going to be a rough day when the tailback who comes home with the game ball only manages to get 44 yards rushing.

Scott Stadium witnessed a war of attrition on Saturday, when the Cavaliers, despite being outplayed in every aspect of the game, managed to come away with a tough win in overtime.

Tough defense alone kept UVA in the game

Our thoughts:

*Why, oh why, did Virginia decide, with a 1.58 left in the first half, not to run any real plays? Moreover, why did they choose, with the ball around their ten yard line, to run such a bizarre pattern of plays: run, run, pass, [first down], take a knee? With North Carolina in the infamous prevent defense, why not exploit it?

* What is up with UNC's prevent defense, anyway? UNC prevented the Cavaliers offense from driving down the field all day, leading by a score of 10-3 in the last two minutes. [The field goal attempt coming from an interception], and then, all of a sudden, they started allowing the Cavs to get huge chunks of yardarge. Result? First down, first down, touchdown, overtime . . . Cavaliers victory. When the Tarheels switched to the "prevent-the-win" mode, they let the Wahoos travel 82 yards virtually unhampered. As for the Cavaliers, they should have done this at halftime . . .

* Make no mistake, UVA's offense did not play well by any stretch of the word (the defense, on the other hand, looked pretty good). But they did take advantage of just enough mistakes to hang in there and pull out a hard fought win; despite being outpassed, outrushed, and, until the last two minutes, outscored and outcoached.

* Yes, it was a big, close win over a ranked opponent, but was it really appropriate to rush the field? The Tarheels have lost 9 of the last 11 to the Cavaliers - is this really the sort of win that merits such a display?

* BONUS: We caught up with McLaw Review at the game:
McLaw Review: Admit it, your blog exists solely as a means of disagreeing with me. First you go after McCain, and then you go after BarBri... [McLaw review is a Republican, BarBri rep]; you know I have considered starting ?

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UNC's Struggles Continue in Charlottesville With an OT Loss

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