Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cost of a D3 Permit

$468 dollars - that's for the rest of the year (pro-rated! at $38/month), presumably it's more if you had bought it earlier (?). This is a huge increase, even greater than the increase in tuition! And, of course, you have to be in a lottery to get such a pass!

(EDIT: In fact, a commenter points out, it's prorated at $39 (which is 1/12 of $468). So presumably if you bought it after this lottery, for say November through May, then you would only pay $273 for the rest of the year). Still not cheap!

Question: Who in their right mind, with gas prices being as they are, is going to pay for such a thing? Get a bike people. It's cheap, fast, and good exercise, not to mention good for the environment and America since you don't use petroleum that comes from areas controlled by repressive regimes. Or at least just park in the blue lot. Basically, with these prices it's like you're paying almost another month's rent as premium for living away from school. I know FFJ agrees with me.

The Law School from above - still not enough parking!

So - we guess - we applaud the school for doing this as it should encourage people to start walking/biking/taking the bus/carpooling to school.


Anonymous said...

It's prorated at $39 (which is 1/12 of $468). So presumably if you bought it after this lottery, for say November through May, then you would only pay $273 for the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

Yo, get wit it! Expensive gas prices was a summer thing. It's October now. Gallon of unleaded will run ya less than $3 even around Cville where gas is more expensive than any other part of the state. And with the price of a barrel of crude under $75 again, gas'll no doubt continue to drop.

Ride yo bike, sure sure, but do it b/c it's healthier/more efficient not cuz of the price o'gas.

Rule 12 (f) said...

Good point on the cost of the permit, I'll fix it in the post when I get a chance -

5.05, you crazy, gas is still well over $3/gallon, which is pretty expensive. Even $2.50 is pricey, when your bike gets unlimited mpg.

Anonymous said...

yo let's say you live 2 miles away from school (i bet most of us live closer but whatever), let's say you go to school 5 days a week (i bet most of us go less but whatever). Round trip that's 20 miles a week which for most cars is a gallon of gas. So we're talking an extra $2.50/wk for gas on top of the parking cost. Over the course of the entire year, that adds probs less than a benjamin.

Jason McKim said...

when the SBA auctioned off the option to purchase those options went for quite a bit.

Rule 12 (f) said...

11.13 AM doesn't understand how cars / gas mileage works. In particular, applying highway mpg rates to short, stop-and-go commutes, is pretty inaccurate.

It already adds up to more than a benjamin b/c of parking. And I would say most commuters spend at least $10 week on their commute, prolly more.

If you actually do live w/in a mile or two there's no real excuse for not biking, imho.

Anonymous said...

3.39 yo you got a car? mos of dem get at least 20 mpg in town. if u drivin some monsta SUV then maybe you gettin less but only a fool would drive one of those when he's only drivin himself around

Rule 12 (f) said...

highway mpg =/= commuting mpg.