Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good News for Those Heading to Gotham, Especially in this Economy

Dig this:

AT its most generous, New York bestows a rare gift upon visitor and resident alike: it makes you feel young. Stride down its granite-steel-and-glass corridors, and your viewpoint is instantly that of a child, eyes directed forever upward.

But New York offers a deeper sense of youth, too, the earnest expectation that one day, out of the blue, your real, true life will finally begin. A subway scene inspires a novel, an encounter at the bodega nets a stock pick, a salsa class sets you down a new career path — whatever it is, it will seem predestined, a turning point, the kind of epiphany that, as Cindy Adams would insist, can only happen here, kids.

Unfortunately, the corollary of youth is poverty, and New York has a way of reminding everyone from hourly wage strivers to uptown trust-funders that it is always possible to have more, and to spend more. The million-dollar studio apartment, the $50 restaurant entree, the $1,000 bottle of vodka — these are a capricious city’s perverse challenges to would-be Gatsbys.

SO - during our daily browsings a few days ago we came across this gem in the NYT (no it's not the Charlottesville piece), it's about how to enjoy New York City if your of modest means; good information for all of us once BIGLAW totally collapses. Still, $250/day isn't exactly what we'd call cheap, but it could be worse. It might be a good read for those who are wondering what to do if / when they are not getting wined and dined this summer.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Katz's!

Anonymous said...

NYC gets a bad rap with regard to cost. Paying to much for an apartment is hard to avoid (if you want to live somewhere Ritzy or "hot"), but overspending on everything else, from food to clothes, is entirely avoidible. That's if you don't have kids. If you do, then maybe crazy expense is unavoidible.