Wednesday, October 01, 2008

OGI, Callbacks, et al. make me a worse person

Ever since OGI started:
  • Whenever I hear my phone ring, I’m a little disappointed if it’s a friend/family member calling. Seriously. As soon as I look at the number and see it’s not a 212 area code, my heart drops a little. That pretty much makes me an awful person although I know I’m not the only one at the law school guilty of it. And when a 212 number calls but it’s not a callback invite or job offer, the rest of my day is basically ruined.
  • I’m happy when my mailbox is empty. Firms don’t ding you over the phone; they do it through snail mail. Which is to say, no mail = no DING!’s. So ever since this game began back in August until October ends, when I go to the mailbox my mantra is “No news is good news.”
  • I want the firms to like me more than my classmates. Like it or not, during interviews, we’re competing for spots. A lot of these firms have a magic number of UVa students that they want to hire and they’re only giving out that number of callbacks/offers. So inevitably, during interview season, when one law student says “good luck” to another, they really mean, “good luck, but you better not make them like you more than they like me.”
  • I get pissed at other people’s success. Bear with me, I don’t mean anytime I hear someone got an offer, I’m jealous. But, the logical conclusion of my point above is that when someone you know hears back from a firm you interviewed with but haven’t heard back from, you’re not happy. I know, I know, again, that makes me an awful person. But the unfortunate reality is we’re competing for spots and so a friend’s success often = your failure. So, when I’m chilling w/ friends and their phone rings, they start speaking uncharacteristically formally and step out of the room, I’m getting jealous. I’m an awful person.
  • I get depressed when I see other law students at the airport or hotel. Sorry guys. It’s just an annoying reminder of how unique we law students are when I get on a plane and there’s no one else on board but classmates. It’s annoying enough you can’t go anywhere in C-ville w/o seeing other law students, the last thing I want is to keep bumping into y’all 350 miles away. Law school is like a 24/7 reminder of the fact that yea, you’re special…just like everybody else.

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Anonymous said...

Agree/disagree: rando numbers calling your phone that have the same area code as firms that you interviewed at is better than sex in some instances.

t-pain said...

sorry about yur tiny pink callback bro

Anonymous said...

flame. law students don't have sex