Friday, November 07, 2008

11月7日隨即的事情: ATL Love - -> Illustrious Journalism Career; Rule 12 f to NYT!

* Yesterday, as many of you saw, we got scooped (again!) in Above the Law for our coverage on the whole rescinded offer thingy. . . Wooooo.

* In other news, today is the annual § H basketball tournament. Last time, § H '10 finished in third place. This time, they hope to meet or exceed that mark. Stay tuned.

* Don't forget - you can get bombed at PILA auciton this year:
Apparently there is a rumor going around that there is a 2-drink limit at the auction. This is not true. There will be a cash bar at the event. While PILA of course encourages and expects everyone to drink and behave responsibly, there is no drink limit at the event.

Please pass the word on ... the alcohol policies at this year's PILA auction are the same as they have always been.

Tickets are on sale NOW in Hunton & Williams for $35 and will be $40 at the door.
Look forward to seeing everyone there, and thanks for supporting PILA!
Woooo! Love the font changes . . .

Our prediction: PILA auction will be fun, hopefully slightly less things will be destroyed as compared to last time. As for PILA fellowships (full thread forthcoming), our prediction is they might have more problems this year, observe this simple formula

President Bush --> Terrible Economy --> Less (no?) 1L Firm Jobs --> More People Going to do Public Interest Stuff --> More PILA Grant Applicants --> More People Dissapointed --> More People Upset.

For those who don't know what we're talking about: 2008 PILA Grant Problems.

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