Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dean Mahoney Reaches Out

Just in case you don't bother to read the Law Weekly, or haven't been to school since the last issue came out, Dean Mahoney had some words for students regarding the awful economy, discussing why its so awful and imparting some of his own experiences from previous recessions (aparently the early 80s weren't all rock-and-roll & Reganaughts; who knew?). The summary is keep your head up, your options open, and you'll be OK:
. . . I believe that students should focus their attention on what they really want to do in the long run rather than what is in demand in the short run. It makes little sense to tell recruiters that you are really interested in X when, in fact, you would prefer to do Y. Better to be straightforward about your interests but make it clear that you will do whatever work is available in the short term. Clerkships, fellowships, and other temporary havens can help keep your options open if the economy recovers reasonably soon. Investing in a career, like investing in the stock market, is a long-term proposition.
Virginia Law Weekly: DICTA - Law and Recession

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