Saturday, November 08, 2008

Have Fun at PILA Auctions

To answer the many, many, many inquiries on why we will not be there; it's not because that we want to 'protest' PILA's lack of disclosure from last year, or even that we are financially insolvent, rather, we are using this time to GUN. Every minute we study while you are out drinking and having fun is an extra edge on the FINAL EXAMS. You really can't afford to skimp on your finals preparation, especially in this economy. Lock and load!

That said, we hope everyone has a good time and they raise a lot of monies. Our problems with PILA never meant we didn't wish them the best in their fundraising efforts. And did anyone see this on facebook?:
Anti-PILA Pre-Pary
We hate cash bars more than we hate poor people

Normally I would go on some long rant about how PILA is a scam since it subsidizes people who have fun, enjoyable, and rewarding jobs at the expense of those of us who are miserable but make sweet sweet cash, but the election has changed all that. PILA is now obsolete.

In this new Socialist America those of us with real jobs (Big Deal Maker, Securities Litigator) will have most of our money redistributed straight to the poors. Since the rest of our money that doesn't go to the government will go straight to bottle service we won't have any money left over to donate to silly organizations like PILA.

So who is the real loser here? Thankfully its only the Public interest attorneys. Stop being so lazy, get a real job, and take a shower hippies.

Come celebrate the end of public interest law with us at our PILA pre-game. We will have some kegs, pong (paddled and otherwise), along with other fun games like flip cup and chase the dog with the stick. Feel free to bring your own bottles, liquor, or Gin and Joose.

We are about a block away from Fry's Spring Beach Club so you can easily walk from our place to PILA. Since PILA hates fun and is ending at 1am you can also feel free to stop by afterwards for some late night. I am inviting you now on facebook in a classy way so you won't feel nearly as shameful when Sean asks you to go home with him at 1:15 anyway.
We'll assume that is tongue and cheek and give credit where credit is due for brilliant party billing.

In unrelated news, the "Law School Hot" post has mysteriously disappeared! Please speculate wildly as to the reason why.

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