Monday, November 24, 2008

Overheard in Withers-Brown: 1L Firm Jobs?

We usually don't show up on Mondays (no class! or, at least, in one sense . . .) but today was an exception. Did someone just explain to the 1Ls how to do a mail-merge?
1L: I'm going to focus all my energy on getting a 1L firm job!!
Yeesh, good luck. Contrary to the John McCain School of Economics, the Dow being below 8k means something. We'll venture to say that unless you are (some combination of):
(1) a person with kick-ass grades (no way you could know now)
(2) an underrepresented minority;
(3) have crazy regional connections;
(4) personally saved a hiring partner's life at Khe Sahn
You're probably not getting a firm job, especially in this economy.

Our advice: If you have to mail merge, for the love of G-d email (we did this and still got callbacks; they just print the stuff out and give it to the appropriate people) and don't snail mail (is mad expensive, heard of classmates spending hundreds of dollars and getting nothing), and remember that 1L jobs firm jobs are going to be hard to come by. You'd be better served to spend your energy focus on something more realistic (public interest, RA, judicial clerkship), because, remember those jobs aren't easy to get either. Also, for the public interest stuff, you should figure out the ins and outs of how to get funding for it (PILA is confusing; trying applying to other sources for funding, and do it early!)

In other news, we think we've been on Above the Law now more than Mike Stark. Woot.

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Anonymous said...

Tip to 1Ls: Judicial clerkships are hella easy to bag with a stellar undergrad GPA and resume. The vast majority of judges hire before UVA Law grades are even released. Go for it, young ones. Leave firms to poor 2Ls.