Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Theocracy 86; Free-Speech 82

Oh man it's going to be a long year. When you get trounced by a school that issues "reprimands" for everything from listening to the wrong kind of music and breaking curfew to having an abortion, you know there are problems. TJ would be upset . . .

NB: The Liberty "Reprimands and Consequences" rules used to be publicly viewable online, but we guess the administration decided that they were sick of people making fun of how ridiculous it was. Thankfully, the cached version is still up. Yay, google. Other not-so-fun things that you can received demerits and/or a fine for (in order from least to most servere):
attendance at a dance,
participation in an unauthorized demonstration,
visting the off-campus apartment of a student who is a different sex than you,
"Sexual misconduct and/or any state of undress" (redundant?),
spending a night with the person of an opposite sex,
No wonder people at Liberty are so good at basketball - if you go to school there, there's nothing else you're allowed to do. Wonder if their OGI uses precscreening . . .


Anonymous said...

To be fair, if you are attending this kind of school, it's likely not because of their stellar academic programs or sports teams, but because that's exactly the kind of environment (for whatever reason suits you) that you want to surround yourself with.
Since everyone voluntarily agrees to sign onto this code of conduct, we have to assume they're getting something in return (maybe lower tuition than if the Liberty Way didn't exist?). Though I might not agree with the system, I see no need to poke fun at it, since nobody's making you or me attend Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is forced to join a restrictive cult or religion (usually) either; are they immune from criticism as well? Also since when is there a "need" to poke fun at anything?

Anonymous said...

Have you actually met someone from Liberty? Because I have and they were insane...UVA 1 Liberty 0

Although I guess I should take that point back since UVA Law has a lot of shady people. Go Jesus

Anonymous said...

How is this even blog-worthy? Let's make fun of people for their beliefs! Should we start mocking West Pointe, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy now too?

Anonymous said...


Rule 12 (f) said...

Geez, y'all are fired up over this.

For the record, I spent a week at Liberty and have met many people affiliated with the university, including Jerry Falwell.

I think their code of conduct is pretty ridiculous, and will blog it as such, whether or not people voluntarily submit to it notwithstanding . . . And I'm sure that TJ would not want students sanctioned for attending unapproved demonstrations, either . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the UVA conservatives come out to defend their lunatic brethren. Since when does the fact that people voluntarily agreed to a code of conduct or a way of life make them immune from mockery? People voluntarily joined: The National Socialist German Workers Party, the Khmer Rouge, the Heaven's Gate Cult, the Jonestown Cult, Russia's Communist Party, the Church of Scientology, and Al Qaeda. Should we refrain from mocking the beliefs of those organizations as well?

Anonymous said...

Redundant? There's a lot of "sexual misconduct" you can get into without being in any "state of undress". Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Rule 12 (f) said...

so credited 12.03

Not Rule 12(f) said...

right on the money, 12:03.

i can't believe you forgot (i'll lump em together b/c like you pointed out, they're all the same):

manson family
klu klux klan

i mean, i also think people who have different beliefs than i do are dumb. mock em all. am i right? all just a bunch of lunatics anyway.