Thursday, November 13, 2008

UVA Law Prof: You aren't learning anything in law school

Professor today during class when on about a five minute spiel in which s/he explained that higher education is nothing more than a signaling game and that we're not really learning anything at law school.

The incomplete transcript (I did my best to quote him/her, but alas my fingers were slower than his/her speech):
You aren’t learning anything here. It’s just a signaling game. There’s no point to higher education. There are some people who are good and others who are bad. The good people say if you want me to stay in school longer you have to pay me more money b/c it takes up my time and is kind of painful. But I’m really smart so I can fake it in class when I’m called on w/o having to do my reading, so it’s worth my time... For the bad types, education is more costly for them so you have to pay them a higher wage to get them to stay in class. So if you’re the good type you can say look employer let’s make a deal: you pay me a higher salary and I’m willing to stay longer in school but the employer says the education doesn’t do anything for me you’re not learning anything but it signals you’re good so I’m willing to pay it. But then the bad types get screwed b/c the employer’s no longer willing to pay the average pay to the bad. In the end we get an equilibrium where the good types spend more years in education and the bad types don’t bother w/ education at all and get paid less.
What do you think?

Also, a pair of funny anecdotes that typifies law students? You decide:

"Classmate" told me to stop looking at her laptop

Classmate rejects classmates request to view rejection

Good times.


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