Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Crave Security and Wealth

From today's NYT on law firm layoffs:
Lawyer departures, whether voluntary or through layoffs, pose special risks to firms. Layoffs scare off law school recruits, who crave security and wealth.

“Students are also very much aware that ‘if they did that last year, it can happen to us again,’ ” said Mark Weber, assistant dean for career services at Harvard Law School. He said that this year, offers of employment are harder to come by and firms are hiring fewer interns for next summer.
Wait, it's been *harder* to get a job this year? Our only problem was not realizing that it was totally unnecessary to take the full number of interviews. Anyway now's a good time for unveiling our proposal of bailout money to student loan forbearance - funded by the People's Republic of China and the taxpayers of tomorrow. Maybe one day, for now the money is locked up in helping the second worst managed firm in Michigan.


Lord Stanley said...

Is the worst managed firm the Detroit Lions?

Rule 12 (f) said...