Saturday, December 20, 2008

Into The Wild Green Yonder

Finals are over. Alea iacta est. And now we can get on with the rest of our lives . . . if you're looking for the usual jibber-jabber about recruiting / the Law School / et seq. this post doesn't have any of it, so skip what follows . . .

We had the misfortune of having a 40 page paper due on Thursday at 5, so we were stuck in finals-misery a full day longer than anyone else (except, of course, the 1Ls!) And we spent that they frantically trying format and Bluebook the thing. Just one question: Does anyone know how to make it so Word will (1) do two separate sets of page numbers (like have the first couple pages numbered in roman numerals, and the rest in regular numbers or (2) have numbers that start on like the third or fourth page has opposed to the first one? Cause, yea, that would have really helped us out . . .

We're still in C-ville, but it seems like most of the people are tearing out today or tomorrow (except for those brave souls staying for the duration), and that's probably when we'll be leaving too (heading NORTH!).

Anyway, here are our reflections from the last part of finals week.

(1) The Corner Starbucks is a Great Place to Study. Not only are their breakfast sandwiches su per tasty and their coffee refills super cheap, but you aren't likely to see too many other law students there; just undergrads, and they are usually pretty nice. I, personally, myself, even made some new friends, and given how abrasive and self-centered I am, that is saying something. Also, how does google-spell-check not have "Google" (capitalized) but not "Starbucks"? Goto Beijing - Google is just get off teh ground in limited form, but Starbucks is all the rage. I call cultural-biased-pwned (see, stream of consciousness writing is easy!)

(2) I watched the "Future Stock" Episode of Futurama to Prepare for my Corporations Exam. You know, the one where a Gordon-Gekko-esque character from the 1980s gets unfrozen and tries to make Planet Express the target of a hostile tender offer. Not only does it teach you about mergers and acquisitions, but it also has some great throw-away lines:
That Guy: There are two kinds of people: sheep and sharks. Anyone who is a sheep is fired. Who is a sheep?
Dr. Zoidberg: Errr, excuse me... which is the one people like to hug?
That Guy: Gutsy question. You're a shark. Sharks are winners, and they don't look back because they have no necks. Necks are for sheep.
Fry: Boneitis? That's a funny name for a horrible disease.
That Guy: There was no cure at the time. A drug company came close, but I arranged a hostile takeover and sold off all the assets. Made a cool hundred mil.
And of course
Leela: I'm a millionaire! Suddenly I have an opinion on the capital gains tax.
(3) "Bad" Weather During Finals Time is a Gift to Help You Study. Just think: You could have gone to Stanford! (well, not really):

Then again, as TJ reminded us last year you could have gone to Michigan, where it's tough to keep warm. (Normally we anchor the words "Michigan" and "warm" with a link to the Michigan Law prostitution scandal, but we think this blog is above that. Just sayin').

(4) Break is a good time - We look forward to spending a month not thinking about the law or legal issues at all; in fact, we hope to spend the month just plain not thinking at all (just like every month - zing!). Of course, a lot of you are will be admirably doing pro bono projects or coming back early for J-term - which will cut short the blissful intellectual indolence that you have for which you have worked so hard. Sucks~

Will UVA Law Blog be around over break? Not as such, although it's possible we'll through up a few intermittent posts as something newsworthy comes up, or just to reflect on this or that. The post-a-day barrage that we managed to keep up for most of the semester, though, will be going on a bit of a hiatus, however. . . see # 4, supra.

Which brings us to our last point - we're still looking to expand the burgeoning editorial staff, and if you think you've got what it takes, send us an email (rule12f [at] The pay is nonexistent (this site operates in the red), but the prestige is unlimited . . .

Have a good break everyone.


Anonymous said...

Wrt page numbers: possibly more trouble than it's worth, but you can insert "section breaks" into the document (in Mac, this is in the Insert>Break menu), and when you do "insert page numbers," you can hit "format" and tell it not to continue the numbering from the previous section. That also lets you start the numbering from whatever number you want. Also, you can format the numbering in each section differently (e.g. i,ii,iii for the table of contents and 1,2,3 for the body of the document).

Rule 12 (f) said...

ah, many thanks!