Friday, January 23, 2009

1月23日隨即的事情: Financial Advice*, Softball, Moot Court, Grades, and More!

Welcome back! We have a brief addendum to our post on how to successfully use ISIS from earlier. First, it seems (from our experience and your many comments / emails) that the a common pattern is Course Eval - - > [two days] - - > grade on ISIS; but we also have reports of Course Eval - - > [one day] - - > grade on ISIS; and, of course, grades on ISIS preceding the Lawweb course evals. Remember, though, ISIS is only updated once every 24 hours, overnight, so your best bet - being the true ISIS cowboy - is to check every morning and forgoe all the anxiety that comes with trying to timing it with course evaluations!

Why invest money in the stock market? If you put money in an index fund five years ago as part of a 401(k), you'd have less than when you started. If you took our advice last year on the G-men money-line, you'd have more than doubled your investment. So, here it is, your license to print money.*:
- Pittsburgh Steelers -7 over Chicago St. Louis Phoenix Arizona Cardinals: Gregg Easterbrook says that the game will be a battle "between the Steeler's offense and Arizona's defense" because historically Super Bowl teams with a " \great offense and great defense roughly neutralized each other, leaving the trophy to be decided by the lesser offense against the lesser defense." Balderdash! Was he paying attention when the Giants (D) dismantled the Patriots (O), or when the Buccaneers (D) steamrolled the Raiders (O)? This one is a no-brainer: defense wins championships. Expect the on-again, off-again Cardinals offense to be stuck firmly in the "off" position. Expect Ryan Clark to be arrested in the middle of the game for assault. Expect the Steelers to have more Lombardi trophies (6) than any other club.

Great offense always "neutralizes" great defense - just ask Super Bowl MVP Rich Gannon!

- MVP: Ben Roethlisburger: Of course, the real MVP will be the Steelers defense styming the Cardinals offense, but no one will notice as Big Ben completes some easy touchdown throws and manages the hold the team together down the stretch. Sound familiar?

- At least we get to watch Mike Tomlin give a post game interview: Honestly, he's one of more articulate NFL coaches out there and unlike many coaches (e.g. Romeo Crennel, Matt Millen) he actually (1) knows what he is talking about and (2) is pleasant to listen to.

* UVA Law Blog does not endorse, condone or engage in illegal gambling. Here we agree with Easterbrook that it almost always ends badly.
Longer, harder, more time-consuming, longer: Moot Court is back! Wooooooooooo. We're not allowed to talk about it, but 64 members of the 2L class are in for a fun February. And if you win, you get . . . an opportunity next semester to do more moot court! Yes!

We Heard NGSL is Having its Tryouts Today: If you haven't started juicing by now, it's probably too late. Gold uniform = the pre$tige. Wearing it into OGIs is akin to beig on Law Review, at least as far as employers are concerned.

Lost Is Now Better Than Battlestar Galactica: We hate to say it as much as anyone but judging on the season premiers of each, its an inescapable conclusion. Lost opens with a bang in an exciting episode with a few edge of your seat moments and a generally nice tempo and plot development. Battlestar? For those who are unfamiliar (SPOILER) BSG is about humanity's war to avoid annihilation at the hands of the Cylons, sentient robots constructed by humans and who subsequent rebelled against them, killing most of them. As it turns out, several Cylons are embedded in the surviving human society - and most of the drama of the show has been about trying to determine who exactly these secret-Cylons are. Well, low and behold, the season premier revealed the identity of the final Cylon: a character who had been (1) dead for several seasons, and (2) Tertiary, annoying, and forgettable at best. Honestly, it has the about the same significance if you were to make Jar-Jar Binks turn into Darth Vader. The worst part about it is that the revealing of Ellen Tigh as the final Cylon isn't forshadowed in the plot at all; in other words, part of having a "mystery" in a show like BSG is giving the viewer some clues about what's going to happen, not just throwing in revelation after revelation that isn't anchored to overall narrative at all. Of course we'll keep watching - but not happily.

The last Cylon is a tertiary character that no one cared about and revealed in a way that wasn't foreshadowed or made relevant to the audience at all!? OMG!!!!!!!

C-C-C-Changes! Almost 80% of you thought that the Law School would not have canceled class if John McCain had won the election. Then again, a lot of you also indicated to us privately that you would have transferred to the University of Toronto School of Law anyway, so it would have been a moot point.


Anonymous said...

I want to say that the time it takes most professors to grade exams is ridiculous and inexcusible. Perhpas I am not being fare, but, honestly, they get paid to do it. Is it took much to ask that they take 7 days to grade them immedietely after finals and then go on their very long vacations? I know many students for whom past grades play an important role in what classes they want to take.


Anonymous said...

(1) As a recent post shows, you make mistakes when you don't take your time. I'd rather professors do a thorough job than breeze through the process. That said, I agree wholeheartedly that it takes way too long.

(2) The examples re: defenses winning championships actually strengthen Easterbrook's point. Take the Giants-Patriots. Sure, the Giants defense played a great game, but the Giants still had to score to win, and I would say that what sticks in everyone's mind from that game is Manning's game-winning drive. On the Arizona (O) - Pittsburgh (D) side of the ball, there will be some great action, but if one team is dominating, it wouldn't be too surprising either way, really. You'd just chalk it up to a good day. It's what happens on the other side of the ball that people will be intrigued by (no matter how it plays out).

Rule 12 (f) said...

Whether or not Eli Manning's "drive" sticks in the game, it was the Giants D that won the game. The fact that Manning was giving the MVP is somewhat laughable - the accomplishment was not scoring 17 points on the Pats - (they scored like 30+ in their last meeting), but rather holding the Patriots to 14 points - a feat which NO team in the NFL accomplished in the 2007 season.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion on blog structure (to be taken with whatever weight you want to give it):

A single post with multiple topics is just sort of confusing. What many bloggers do is to write separate posts (on each individual topic) all at the same time, but then release them periodically throughout the day. This gives the appearance that you spend more time working on the blog than you actually do, and it makes things easier to read (also makes the comments threads more focused).

Rule 12 (f) said...

I'm a confusing guy. Besides, if I split it up into multiple posts it wouldn't really be "Random things" anymore! But ty ty for your thoughts.