Friday, January 30, 2009

A Time To Pay Attention

Famous author John Grisham, along with a panel that included a dude with a chilling story about being locked away for a crime he didn't commit and a D.A. from Dallas, spoke to a well-attended Caplin Auditorium this afternoon. Some highlights:
Marvin Anderson (African American exonerated by DNA testing after spending 15 years in prison): "Race played a big part."

John Grisham: “It often starts with bad police work . . . guys just following their hunches . . . but prosecutors are under lots of pressure . . . you can go ahead forget the presumption of innocence, a lot of these guys are presumed to be guilty.”

Craig Watkins (Dallas DA): "‘even though most of the claims of innocence we get are bogus, we should still look into it."

On having trouble getting to where he was: "I was young, inexperienced, black, and a Democrat – Democrats don’t get elected in Dallas county!"
Cool. Be prepared to come early if you want to see Justice Alito lay down some knowledge tomorrow. Prize for the person with the best headgear.

Also we understand there's some sort of event happening this month.

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