Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We're so busy electioneering that we don't have as much time for our usual "job."  Thankfully, tipsters have taken up the slack, and found this gem from the course evaluations for administrative law that went up yesterday:
Pretty solid class. Material was a bit obtuse, put seem to have come together when I outlined. [Prof] seems to enjoy teaching, and does a good job of presenting the material. PPTs increased the organization. Only gripe was the participation system. I talked only a few times in class, so not sure how my grade will be impacted. Class was dominated by 4 or 5 gunners, which got lame in a hurry. I would do away with the 30% grading requirement - students will still seek to participate regardless.
I also wish we discussed this topic of admin law a little more in-depth:
We too never wanted to give up Admin Law.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a "surprise" no-computer class, so giving it up on the first day was a necessity.

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