Sunday, February 15, 2009

生病了: The Law School Plague

"" is how our Chinese friends say "sick". "It's illness spreading like fire." Tell me about it.

And, verily, comes it to pass that Rule 12 f has succumbed to vicious law school plague. Neither good diet, nor exercise, nor even a $25 flu-shot could have helped us this time. Spent the past three days in bed, and unless there is a rapid change in our composure, will spend the next day or two there as well. Please pass along any salacious LS news, though one may expect that any posts that do go up may be lacking their usual vim and vigor.

As an aside, law school plague presents a dilemma to true gunner. On the one hand, he must conserve is strength and rest up for the time when it really counts - FINALS. On the other hand, missing class, even a single class on a single day for a single minute = death of another sort. Plus, perhaps it is only fair to come to school and infect everyone else, thereby putting all on equal footing?

Just kidding - if you have what we do - what's been going around - do yourself a favor and stay home. Your healthy professors and classmates (the 11 or 12 that are left) will thank you for it.

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