Monday, February 16, 2009

Those About to Work (Really Hard), We Salute You

I look forward to watching y'all toil away as I make my way past the fish bowl to the sweet sweet Va. L. Rev. bathroom. Congrats!

P.S. You'll be getting our 12,000 word note on how Bush v. Gore was dumb - and that the appropriate remedy is now to delay Obama's term four years so Al can get his due - any day now.
(EDIT:  You know what is even better than being Editor-in-Chief of the Va. L. Rev., Paul?  Being the Editor-in-Chief of Univ. of Va. L. Blog - Awww yea).

2009-2010 Managing Board

The Virginia Law Review is pleased to announce its 2009-2010 Managing Board:

Paul Belonick

Managing Editor
Christi Niehans

Notes Development Editor
Sarah Robertson

Articles Development Editors
John Savage Moran
Brian Schmalzbach

In Brief Development Editor
Kyle Brinkman

Articles Editors
Douglas N. Boyle, Jr.
Scotty Candler, IV
Tamara Fishman
Casey Kyung-Se Lee
Michael Menssen
Lanora Pettit
David Roberts
Bryce Schunke

Notes Editors
Grace Huang
Alexander Ibrahim
Edward Joseph Reed
Katherine Worden

In Brief Editor
Rogan Nunn

Executive Editors
Jennifer Albert
Christopher Brown
Alexis Gregorian
Michael Robertson
Michael Sorrell


Anonymous said...

I think I've heard the names of five of those people. Sometimes it's like I don't even go to the same law school as the good students.

Brady said...
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Anonymous said...

The EIC of Law Blog needs to check his Bluebook abbrevs.! Clearly, law blog should be cited as "U. Va. L. Blog."

Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!