Wednesday, February 18, 2009

UVA Law: Setting Trends Across the T14? 1L w/ Stuffed Animal @ UMich

Normally, we here at UVA Law Blog have a strict "no autoadmit" policy - not wanting to be associated with all of the perniciousness that has come out of there - but a tipster forwarded something (probably NSFW, like the entire site) that we thought was inoffensive yet significant enough to throw up: 
this kid carries around a stuffed animal frog whenever he goes anywhere (in class, at the bar, in the quad). it's not little but a pretty decent size (in between a football and basketball). all his facebook pictures have the frog with him too.
Well, apparently dude is OTL:
He's actually a nice kid. The frog/lego thing is off-putting, but everyone has their eccentricities. Some people even LIKE Civil Procedure. Shudder.
Yeah, he's a good human being and a pretty cool dude.
It's a joke. He takes the Frog to parties and people take pictures with it all the time. It's really not as weird as it seems. He's a cool dude.
That's fair.  Here's the $160,000 $145,000 question: Will he take said Froggie to OGIs? We can only hope.


Anonymous said...

Andy, what's your moniker no

Rule 12 (f) said...

Don't have one, obvi.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Clausen?