Sunday, March 08, 2009

Big Red to the Big Dance

. . . and we're back! Hope everyone's break was good . . . with Feb Club behind us, it's now time to kick it into high gear - by which I mean playing softball and enjoying the nice weather generally. And outlining . . . Anyway, here's a snapshot from our break - rushing the court after the Ivy League Title Game . . .

Better in academics, better in sports: Cornell soars above Penn

They played "We Are the Champions" and the ". . . of the world" line was on when this shot was taken, no joke.


Also, don't forget Libel Show tix go on sale tomorrow (March 9th).


Anonymous said...

the big question: which will come first - corporations grades go up or the clark hall mural painting is reframed?

Anonymous said...

Wait if SUNY Ithaca had lost, would they not have still won the Ivy title? As in, you call it the title game -- but they in fact sealed the title, with a win, a week or two ago? Meaning that the game determined nothing?

Anonymous said...

Not a title game but they mathematically clinched the title w/ that win combined w/ Princeton's loss to Columbia the same night.

CU to 15 seed, 1st round matchup w/ OU, 30 point loss.